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Vaccination of 100 requires:

100 liquid vaccine flasks

100 syringes 

100 needles

Cold storage 

Complex logistics

Hazardous waste disposal 

Qualified personnel


... and most importantly, it is expensive.

Drug delivery process.png

Hypodermic needles are important for clinical practice.


But they can be painful, induce hypersensitivity, bruising, bleeding, contamination risks. Liquid drugs and vaccines have complex and expensive chains of cold storage. 

Existing microneedling technologies have advantages over hypodermic needles but also bear limitations. They are not practical and unfit for specific uses. Dissolving microneedle patches are barely fit for cosmetic but not for medical use. 

SeriTech microneedling technology is detachable and dissolvable: in under 2 minutes microneedles detach from the strip, penetrate the skin dissolve to deliver 100% of an active ingredient. Our products removes limitations. 

Seritech MN curve strip under.jpg

Silk proteins

Next generation of microneedling polymers made of SeriTech silk proteins for easy, safe dissolubility 


100% of the active ingredient is injected and assimilated. Compared to hypodermic syringe injection, much less is required and targeted delivery is made possible 


Hundreds of microneedles of 150 to 650 μm per strip, with no feeling of discomfort 

Easy to use

Simple, easy application in less than a minute

Strip base

simple, flexible and comfortable base, no stickiness 

Effective penetration

Upon application, all microneedles penetrate the skin, no breakage or loss


SeriTech microneedling strips come at a fraction of the cost of traditional drug delivery systems


SeriTech microneedling strips is the most suitable delivery platform for many cosmetic and medical ingredients

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