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Creating a new generation of drug delivery systems making medical, skincare, and aesthetic products more efficient, effective and affordable. 

In 2016, we created SeriTech to deliver the proven cosmetic and medical benefits of silk proteins that we extract from waste in the most eco-friendly manner.

We leverage a long family heritage in sericulture, an industry that helps Asian families improve quality of life. Our goal is to continue enhancing living standards and conditions of many and that our products will allow global populations to receive better, more affordable healthcare.  

Our primary area of expertise is skincare. However, during the R&D phases we explored the medical use of our proteins and discovered them to be ideal molecules for dissolvable polymeric microneedles for transdermal drug delivery. With a team of researchers pioneering the evolution of microneedling technologies using a detachable concept, we engineered silk protein microneedles. Detachable and dissolvable.

With presence in Thailand and Spain, our team of experts is working on a portfolio of aesthetic and medicinal products that we anticipate will make breakthrough advances and disrupt skincare and healthcare.

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